Left side naughty lyrics

left side naughty lyrics

Charly Black & J Capri - Whine & Kotch (Prod by Rvssian) - Duration: HeadConcussionTV.
View lyrics Naughty by Leftside and watch it music video.
Brand new hot single from leftside / Dr Evil Naughty produced by DJ Greg from Guadalupe. DOWNLOAD HERE You can also download Leftside - The Transporter....

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Home About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Legal Advertise Submit Tip. So you got bumped off by my head hoe.

left side naughty lyrics

She'll lay you down and put hickeys on your chest. Chip-chop, flip the hip-hop, I chuckle. I send my baddest girl to your house to play the heart breaker. I'm flippin the x's three times and I'm back. So ol' golddigger, dig some dirt, there you have it. Called by the Militant Mack, my mentality is jail. Gyal mi waan dig up yo sile wid mi shovel. Densease di bubble wa yo have gyal it a sting like a beas. I got a solid hip below the belt to make your nuts not grow. All's left to call cops. Beg yuh please do the wine when yo bend an left side naughty lyrics yo knees. Yuh in a di elite likkle bit an petite. Way how yuh a wine gyal it a cause mi a trouble. Tags: Dancehall Leftside Lyrics.

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  • Gyal mi love it when yo back it back it paw mi. Who's wet dried when Treach tried, next died.
  • I attack your back, force you to retire with a wet wire. So you got bumped off by my head hoe.
  • Left side naughty lyrics
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ARTICLES REFORM WEBSITE UPDATED Left a gash, you catch a headache in your ass. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL. Seh cheese camera poparoxys. You couldn't knock boots with a muthafuckin knuckle. I keep heat and keep the clips in my sock. Densease di bubble wa yo have gyal it a sting like a beas.
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Social networking flirt hook dating chat with local singles So you got bumped off by my head hoe. Yeah, Freddie Foxxx on a rampage. Read more about Leftside on misc-histories.info. The Militant Mack in the house. All di mama an di pap got seat. Here's to all crews that been wack.