Husband looks other women online

husband looks other women online

Many women who write to us say their husband looks at other women online, either pornography or through chat rooms. A Christian counselor.
I am sure there are many men out there who don't look at online porn. But you telling other women to get over it, and basically telling them.
Is your husband looking at other women and then denying it or making excuses when asked about it? Find out the reason why men behave this way...

Husband looks other women online -- travel

I see it from married women at work, to women at the bar just looking for validation of their attractiveness, to women with boyfriends trying to make sure the boyfriend knows they can leave at any time or make them jealous. But to stare is not. I think I would not be able to stand or just may be. Are there people in your life you can talk about this face to face? I do not want to leave him but I feel as if he is making excuses to stare at women in church and other places because he says his heart is pure when he is doing can I do especially when the police who were supposed to help me and others are also telling me I should just be quiet for the sake of my marriage? What your husband is doing to you is deplorable. He would have a fit if I went to a male strip club and come home and wanted him. And I broke down crying.

husband looks other women online

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Husband looks other women online Magazine article find love small town
Husband looks other women online In closing be honest and stay true to yourselves and who you are and want to be! Should I let it go? Of course it hurts, and people who are saying "hes just looking, no big deal" no just no. So, I thought it was just me. But she was right about our friendship. Last, just wanted to share one "kudos to my hubby" incident. I think women often see those behaviors in addicted spouses.
LOVE PEOPLE SAFE Let me know what you think! He never gives us more than we can bear. So let us find out why your husband looks at other women and then later denies it. My GF spoke to me about it and I discontinued my actions or keeping it. And I find that groups can be a great place for understanding companionship as well: Celebrate RecoveryPure DesirexxxChurchS AnonAl Anon.