Forums relationships topic craigslist

forums relationships topic craigslist

Sooooo let's just say someone found the naughty part of craigslist, I've always considered pimping myself out to 29 posts in this topic .. Was she looking for a relationship or a casual encounter or to hire a male prostitute?.
There are way too many horror stories about Craigslist encounters gone My biggest issue with CL, and this is slightly off- topic, is how many.
So, last night I saw where my SO has replied to a Craiglist casual encounter ad, and she emailed him wanting to meet and exchange photos, etc. I'm utterly sh...

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Jkim illustrates my point perfectly... Because there are tons of men ready and willing to stick their dicks into walking obese women with herpes on Craigslist, for free. The stuff will disappear.

forums relationships topic craigslist

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No man that place is like a creepers den, and so is kijiji. You can have em all. Because if he was innocent he wouldnt cry and he would have a real response to what was on those emails. He would slay whales and take spoon pics from behind. I finally had to add something like this to my ad: "I am trying to sell a sofa, nothing more, nothing less.

forums relationships topic craigslist