Dateline video naughty nice santa tests kids with detector

dateline video naughty nice santa tests kids with detector

Then you will instantly have a personalized video from Santa to them that concludes by saying whether or not they have been naughty or nice   Termes manquants : dateline ‎ tests ‎ detector.
TODAY investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen goes undercover to test .com/j /MSNBC/Components/ Video /__NEW/ his busy night delivering gifts and how children can stay off the naughty list. .. to a lie detector while Santa grills them about whether they've been good enough to.
The awesome folks at Cut put together this video, which has a little bit of everything in it. Santa Connects Kids To Lie Detector Test, Things Get Truthful. Would you make the naughty or nice list if Santa hooked you up to a lie detector test? . Kristen Bell is turning the tables on " Dateline " correspondent Keith Morrison!....

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