Blog about meningitis septicaemia adults

blog about meningitis septicaemia adults

I read this blog first on this site but hope to find hope full and helpful info My son was lucky to survive bacterial meningitis and septicaemia.
My daughter had bacterial meningitis at age 4 and, like others on this site, she nearly died after several days in a coma. Fortunately she came.
I'm proof that adults can get meningitis w/out a fever & can also do so more .. the information sent to you helpful, we welcome discussion on our blog. .. I had meningococcal septicaemia in Jan 2008 at age of 42 and had a....

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I wanted to share with you all a very good sight for all of us which is called lumosity which helps with memory and brain training. The outlook often depends on how soon antibiotics are given after the illness starts.

blog about meningitis septicaemia adults

I am feeling rather anyone else had this happen? What is clinical effectiveness? He's in relationships comments pjck boyfriend years treats like ICU and still unconscious. It was very sudden, and I was terrified. I'm always trying my best to recover as I have my family to support. We could have sued as I have suffered loss of balance and cant even stand up so am on crutches and wheelchair but deciede to take to Scottish Public Servisce Ombudsman who fully upheld my complaints about hospital misdiagnosis and malpractice and have orded various changes wich will help every patient who passes through casualty and also healp alert medical staff as to the difficulties of diagnosis. Just wondered whether that was a possible residual effect of having had meningitis? Comment by Chris M. I knew that it was something worse. Even when I make a concentrated effort to slow down and enunciate the words, I still often can not articulate very. I can't hold a full beverage, I can't eat certain things because it falls off my spoon or fork, the ringing in my ears has gotten so bad I hear stuff, babies crying, helicopter overhead, the weakness is horrible, some days takes everything out of me to get blog about meningitis septicaemia adults of bed. Hospital doctors - adults. All said though, I am lucky to be alive. I was a bit worried and called the GP early in the afternoon. Can this be true and what can we do about it.

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  • Blog about meningitis septicaemia adults
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  • Blog about meningitis septicaemia adults
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Meningitis and Septicaemia - Know the Symptoms

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I woke from the coma, but I was incredibly weak. If there's anything that can help me with these things please help me. It really helps to offer hope for those that think "this is just the way I am now". I am tremendously thankful for that. If i mention it to anyone i feel they dont really seem to care and im so glad i found this group so i know im not the only one feeling like this. I figured since the doc said to write down my thoughts I would try and make a living at writing content. What do you think?

blog about meningitis septicaemia adults