Articles actor network theory adult education

articles actor network theory adult education

This article offers an introduction to both actor - network theories and the The article points to useful lessons for adult education research that.
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Article in Journal () This article presents sample studies that draw from ANT to analyse actor - network theory ; adult education ; accountability...

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I have come to appreciate how technologies are not merely background tools but important actors in co-creating teaching and learning environments. This way of thinking is reflective of posthumanist thinking. In this article I will discuss key conceptual contributions of ANT and situate ANT in the current theoretical landscape. Active, interactive and quality interactions through Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication ACMC require a radical shift in learner roles in an effort to produce autonomous lifelong learners. Oxford: Oxford University Press. This paper explores new dimensions in learner roles experienced by adult learners in a local... Spaces for study were made, not just found.

articles actor network theory adult education

An example of current government strategy for improving adult literacy and numeracy skills in England is mapped onto a framework designed for researching four stages in the translation of complex networks into 'facts' about phenomena that scientists seek to control. Unraveling knowledge practices: The assistances and resistances of ANT. How might this appear in research? Oxford: Oxford University Press. I begin by highlighting four key tenets of ANT: the legitimacy of nonhuman actors, the prominence of networks and assemblages, the endless work of translation, and the politics of object assemblages. Acknowledging objects that matter is a highly material shift, articles actor network theory adult education. I will draw on recent empirical ANT-inspired work throughout to illustrate how it might help to address questions and practices of interest to adult education chemistry dating site review, practitioners, and policy makers. Translation is a powerful ANT concept that enables researchers to look at how assemblages come to be and how actors interface with others: willingly, under coercion, or unknowingly. These examples establish not only the complexities of calculation as it is enacted through heterogeneous networks, but also the spaces of non-calculation that can be found or torn open to allow more freedom of play.

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It has evolved since then as different thinkers have drawn on it to engage a range of different research questions. ANT research is emergent and messy. It is the connections, proximities and juxtapositions of actors within a practice that become interesting — and how connections come to be.