Adult media buying journey week

adult media buying journey week

So this is my first ever journey post, and I'd like to start it off by saying A lot of adult media buyers say that it is the hardest niche to get into, but.
I have entered the very competitive world of adult media buying. Very good thing is that I reached the goal in my second week. . up the good work and you could upgrade this post to a journey and update it regularly.
Ideally I create 9 creatives, and run a budget of $5 for CPC on all 9 to the most converting spot (NTV A/B I think), and stop them all at the same....

Adult media buying journey week journey fast

Sitting back and waiting is not a winning strategy. This would result in severe limitations for any alcohol advertising in urban areas. Segmenting your existing customer base and delivering different offers via different means will deliver significantly better results. News comes into The Eye and, depending on its nature, it is delivered to the audience using the most appropriate title or platform.

adult media buying journey week

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Adult media buying journey week -- flying

However, it has tended to be done in an ad-hoc way, or, at best, by a siloed team with limited integration across the rest of the business. All this political instability is in stark contrast to a new-found economic security. Adult includes porn, videos, blogs, dating, escort etc. Social media person who can do these.. A company by Oliver Kenyon....